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Subtitles Track:
Is an element contains the subtitles. The subtitles track in ASM is as same as the subtitles track you find in DVD Video. Most DVD Video movies allow you to choose the subtitle language you want to watch with the movie, each language saved in track. So the purpose for the subtitles track is for translation or to create several groups of subtitles for the same movie.

Is the text that displayed in the screen as subtitle. In ASM, a subtitle have 4 properties:
Start time: the time when the subtitle start to appear at the screen.
End time: the time when the subtitle disappear from the screen.
Duration time: the subtitle's appearance time.
Text: the text that represents the subtitle at the screen. In ASM, the text saved as rich text which means you can change the font and color for each letter. An alignment for each line.

Subtitles Format:
Is the file that save subtitles. In subtitles format, subtitles usually saved in scripts. The main purpose of ASM is to handle subtitles format, to create, edit and save it.

ID3 Tag Synchronized Lyrics:
The ID3 Tag is additional information can be stored in mp3 file. Such as Title, Album, Attach pictures, attach files, and so many other information that some of them not support with most of applications.
The Synchronized Lyrics is a frame type of the ID3 Tag, it's similar to subtitles track and can be viewed as subtitles.
With ASM, you can import this frame elements to your project and save project subtitles track to Synchronized Lyrics element as well !
For more info about ID3Tag, please visit

Matroska (mkv):
Matroska aims to become THE standard of multimedia container formats. It was derived from a project called MCF, but differentiates from it significantly because it is based on EBML (Extensible Binary Meta Language), a binary derivative of XML. EBML enables the Matroska Development Team to gain significant advantages in terms of future format extensibility, without breaking file support in old parsers.
With ASM, you can rip subtitles from Matroska file. Only Vobsub (sub-picture) is supported.
For more info, please visit http://matroska.org/technical/whatis/index.html

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