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Use Prepared Text
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Prepared Text is a new way to make AHD Subtitles Maker more easier to use. With prepared text, you just copy and paste the text (Lyrics, Movie text ...) into your project then when you adding subtitles (or edit) you just highlight the required text from the editor window. No need to select other window to copy a text then paste that text in subtitle edit window...

To use the Prepared Text:, you'll need to specify and configure your project to be able to use the Prepared Text later. To do so:

In the Prepared Text tab, you can edit the text as you edit the text in the subtitle properties window (see Edit subtitle ). Thus, you can prepare the text as needed (font, color, style ...etc).

After you have Prepared Text prepared, you can use it in the subtitle properties window. (Make sure Enabled is set in the Prepared Text tab)
This properties window appears when you add subtitle or edit subtitle. Let's say we want to add subtitle:

Manual mode:

  1. Go to File>Add>subtitle
  2. The subtitle properties window will show up, enter the subtitles timings properties.
  3. Highlight the text on the right section that you want to be used as new subtitle text then click OK.

Quick mode (recommended for all users, requires a media to be loaded in the project first)

Note: if you set "Cut Selected After Use In Editor" option in Prepared Text tab in the main window, the used text in subtitle edit window (highlighted text) will be removed from the prepared text itself.

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