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Upload subtitles to OpenSubtitles.org
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After finishing subtitles, why don't you share them and upload them to public ? You can upload subtitles file to OpenSubtitles.org anytime without leaving ASM !

  1. Start AHD Subtitles Maker Professional (new project or your project)
  2. Go to Tools>Upload subtitles to OpenSubtitles.org
  3. If your project have subtitle tracks, the program will ask you if you want to export first. If you export, the field Subtitles file will set automatically to the exported file. Otherwise you should browse for subtitles file you want to upload by clicking browse button next to subtitles file textbox.
  4. Next to the movie file textbox, click browse to browse for movie file you want to upload subtitles for. (this field will set automatically if your project already loaded with media)
  5. Select the language from the language list.
  6. Select movie FPS. (optional)
  7. Enter movie AKA (optional)
  8. Enter movie release name (Optional but recommanded)
  9. Enter your comment (optional)
  10. Set the checkboxes if you want to.
  11. If you have an account on OpenSubtitles.org, set your username and password (optional). This will log you in to OpenSubtitles.org and upload subtitles using your account so in OpenSubtitles.org uploaded subtitles page it will mansion your name as uploader. Leave these fields empty if you have no account.
  12. Click upload button.
  13. A window should appear allows to set movie IMDB. Make sure the details of the movie in this window is correct (as same as the movie you are about to upload subtitles for). If not, then you should change IMDB. IMDB can be found at OpenSubtitles.org. Search for your movie there and IMDB information should be in search result. After adding IMDB in the IMDB text field, click Ckeck button and wait for the details.
  14. If the upload success, a message with your subtitles link should appear.

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