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Translate using GT Text
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  GT-Text or "Google Translate-Text" is a technology allows to translate a Subtitles Track subtitles in minutes. It uses the great feature of Google translate "document" which allows to translate a document online for free !!
The main idea is to export your subtitles of selected track to a document that Google translate can translate, translate the the document then import the subtitle texts to the same Subtitles Track, the texts will be translated, the timings still the same, all you have to do is to check for spell mistakes !!
Also you can use the Google Translate feature to translate subtitles track, but using GT-text is faster for large count of subtitles or to use another translation services.
This tech tested and work 100% .

What's good in this ?
Translate huge count of subtitles "up to 2000 and more..." in minutes instead of Subtitles Track>Translate which you need to translate each subtitle one by one..

What's bad in this ?
Remember that Google translate is a machine ! Errors will be found in texts and here is your turn for spell check...

Using GT-Text
Please note that you should have a Subtitles Track full of subtitles.

  1. Select the desired Subtitles Track then got to Subtitle Tracks>Duplicate.
  2. Select the duplicated Subtitles Track. Rename it for the destination language. This track will include the translated version of subtitles.
  3. Go to Subtitles Track>Export GT-Text
  4. Browse where to save then click Ok.
    Now we have the GT-Text file which save the subtitle texts only in this form:
    text 2
    text 3 line1
    text 3 line2
    The "=======" is a breaker, it indicates each subtitle's text and cannot be translated via Google.
  5. Visit http://translate.google.com/
  6. Select languages "From language 1 To language 2 " in this page.
  7. Click translate a document in the same page.
  8. Browse where you saved the GT-Text file in the step 4 .
  9. Click Translate button in the same page and wait..
  10. Google will lead you to a page includes the lines translated to the "language 2 ", create a new text file, open it then past these lines in this file. The lines should be like this:

    Translation of Text1
    Translation of text 2
    Translation of text 3 line1
    Translation of text 3 line2
  11. Close the internet explorer you use and select AHD Subtitles Maker Professional.
  12. Select the same Subtitles Track you select at the step 2.
  13. Go to Subtitles Track>Import GT-Text
  14. Browse for the file you created at step 10 then click Open.
  15. The texts of the subtitles should be changed and translated !!

Copyright © Ala Ibrahim Hadid 2009 - 2015

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