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Synchronisation Tool
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Synchronization Tool is a mini tool has its own exe file located in main program's folder. It can be used to synchronize subtitle format subtitle timings in simple click without the need of editing the subtitles !!

It works like this: load the subtitle format file, chose the base framerate and the target frame and finally, save the subtitle format after you change its settings if you want to.

Synchronization Tool is very easy to use , just follow these steps:

  1. Run Synchronization Tool from its main shortcut or exe file.
  1. Click Open to Import subtitles format file.
  1. In the Synchronisation section, select the base framerate (left combobox) and the target framerate (right combobox).
    Base framerate is the framerate that the subtitles saved for, or the framerate of the movie which the imported subtitle format is created for.
    Target framerate is the framerate you want the subtitles to synchronize into.
  1. Click Save

No need to use this tool for subtitle formats that uses framerate (like Adobe Encore DVD, Micro Sub ....) since you can import these kind of subtitle formats using AHD subtitles Maker orAHD subtitles Convertor then export to the same format with the desired framerate.

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