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Spell check
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ASM can spell check subtitles using the NHunspell library.

NHunspell is a .NET version of the open office spell checker. Functions: spell checking, hyphenation, thesaurus with the open office dictionaries. It is free (GPL,LGPL, MPL) and can be used in closed source software.

To spell check subtitles:

  • Select the desired subtitles track
  • Mouse right-click then chose Spell check
  • A new window will pop up include all the subtitles of the selected track, select the dictionary you need to use.

    Note: if you have no dictionary, the program will ask you to download the desired dictionary from OpenOffice.com. The downloaded dictionaries will be saved at a folder named Dictionaries in the program folder.
  • Click Check all to spell check all subtitles from begianing. Click Check to check selected subtitle.
  • If a subtitle includes spell error, a new window pop up allows you to fix the spell issues. Otherwise a green mark should appears next to the "ok" subtitle in the list.

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