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Lesson 5: import subtitles format file
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In this lesson, you'll import a subtitles format file into your project. You'll need a subtitles format file first.
Run the program then follow these steps:

  1. Go to File>Import
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD

  2. Browse for the subtitles format file then click open.
  3. The import window will show up, in the subtitles format section, all supported format are listed and the formats that match the imported file will be marked with green mark. Select the format you want to import the file as. Use the source lines to compare with the format description (under the formats list).
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD

  4. If the source lines are not readable (unknown language letters or ?????) then you have to choose the encoding, change the encoding until you find the right one.
  5. Click ok and a new subtitles track will be listed.
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD



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