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Lesson 3: create subtitle
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In this lesson, you'll create a subtitle.
Please read the Lesson 2: create subtitles track before this lesson.

  1. Create a subtitles track.
  2. Select the subtitles track you created and 2 subtitles will be listed in the subtitles data list.
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD SM5\Docs\Help\Snap16.jpg
    These 2 subtitles are for copyright purpose like the contact information of the person who created the subtitles.
  3. In the media control panel, seek to the point where you want to create subtitle for. Usually in a movie, this point will be when an artist talk.
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD SM5\Docs\Help\Snap17.jpg
  4. Click play button. the Add new subtitle button will be enabled for you, HOLD that button for the duration you like to make for the new subtitle, release the button when done.
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD SM5\Docs\Help\Snap18.jpg 
  5. A new window show up with black background. This is the new subtitle properties window. As you can see, the timings are already set and you set them in the previous step, all you have to do is to enter the subtitle text. Enter the text then click ok.
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD SM5\Docs\Help\Snap19.jpg
  6. Now your subtitle should be listed in the subtitles data list.
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD SM5\Docs\Help\Snap20.jpg
  7. Also you can add new subtitle without media, go to File>Add>subtitle. Repeat step 5 to enter the subtitle properties.

Lesson 4: export to subtitles format.

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