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Lesson 1: create new project and prepare media
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In this lesson, you'll create new project and prepare the media for the subtitles creation.
Run the program then follow these steps:

  1. Go to File>New or press CTRL+N to open the new project window
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD

  2. In the Project Name field, enter the name of your project.
  3. Click the Media File link to browse for the media file you want to start the project for.
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD

  4. Click ok.
    Make sure the media playable at the Media control. (click play button once)
    Make sure you can see green rectangle at the Timeline control
    الوصف: D:\Programming\AHD PROGRAMS\AHD

    Now you have the project prepared for creating subtitles !

Lesson 2: create subtitles track

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