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Export subtitles track to subtitles format file
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To export subtitles track to subtitles format file:

  1. Select the subtitles track then go to File>Export.
  2. The export window will show up, in the first step of this window, select the subtitles track you want to export then click next.
  3. In the step 2 of the export window, select the subtitles format you want to export subtitles as then click next.
    If the subtitles format you chose have options, it's optional to change them.
  4. In the step 3, chose the encoding you want to save the file with. This is the most important step, wrong encoding means corrupted file. Use the button "Auto detect encoding" to detect the encoding but this may choose a wrong one. Select the encoding then click next.
  5. In step 4, click preview to see the exported file line (the file will not be saved yet). If you see unreadable letters, then the encoding you chosen is wrong, repeat step 4 to choose another encoding. Repeat step 4-5 until you chose the right encoding.
    Click browse button to change the format file path. If your project has a media, then this path will be automatically signed to locate the format file next to the media one with the same name for view purpose.
  6. Click export to save the file.

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