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About subtitle formats
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Each subtitle format file has it's own time format and different way to store subtitles.
With ASM, you'll not lose accuracy when importing/exporting subtitle format files since it converts subtitle format time code to the basic Seconds, Millisecond time format except some formats that depends on frame rate because of converting from frames to time format may lose some accuracy.

Subtitle formats that ASM deal with are not incorporated into the video stream. Each subtitles format becomes a separate overlay, making it possible to display any one of the subtitle formats over the same video. Also ASM deals with subtitle formats that used in most popular dvd creator programs like Adobe® Encore.

When saving (or exporting) a subtitles format file, the important thing you should be aware of is the write encoding. ASM will load all available encoding that your system support into the encoding control, allows you to choose the one you like to use. Also, auto detect feature (in import and export) helps you to choose the best encoding may suit up the subtitles format texts. However, the wrong encoding means corrupted file and not readable letters and in the export window, you'll be able to preview the exported file lines before the file saving allows you to choose the right encoding. And in the import window you'll be able to preview the source file lines read using the encoding you chose, just change the encoding until the lines are readable.

The most common and used encodings are :

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