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AHD Encoding Converter
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AHD Encoding Convertor is a mini tool has its own exe file located in main program's folder. It can be used to convert the encoding for subtitle format files without the need to convert subtitles or open subtitles format file in the subtitle editor application (AHD Subtitles Maker and/or AHD Subtitles Converter).

AHD Encoding Convertor uses all the encodings that may installed and supported by your installed version of Windows®. Whatever the encoding that used in the file, AHD C\Encoding converter can read and convert it as long as it uses an encoding that supported by your installed version of Windows®. AHD Encoding converter can be used to convert all type of text files, as long as these files are text based.

AHD Encoding Convertor is very easy to use, just follow these steps:

  1. Run AHD Encoding Convertor from its main shortcut or exe file
  2. In the Input section, Click Open button to import a text file. (Use only text files, other types may cause the program to crash and make useless.) 
  3. The read encoding should be detected automatically. This encoding will be used in file read operation while converting so it is very important to choose the correct one, you can select the desired read encoding in the Input section.
    The lines as it is read using that encoding will be displayed in the input section as well.
  4. In the output section, you can change the location where to save the file at via "Change" button.
  5. Select the writing encoding that will be used to write the file in the converting operation.
  6. Click "Done, save!" to start the file convert!

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